United States Antimony Corporation

Columbia Stock Voting Card 4




DECEMBER 28, 2018

The undersigned hereby appoints John C. Lawrence and Gary D. Babbitt, and each of them, with full powers of substitution to act as attorneys and proxies for the undersigned, to vote all shares of common stock of United States Antimony Corporation (“USAC”) which the undersigned is entitled to vote at the annual meeting of shareholders, to be held at the Rimrock Lodge, 6 Rimrock Lane, Thompson Falls, Montana, on  December 28, 2018, at 10:00 a.m., local time, and at any and all adjournments thereof, as indicated.

Press “Submit” after voting and the vote will be cast.

  • Proposal One

    The election as director of the nominees listed below (except as marked to the contrary below)
  • Note: shareholders have the discretionary authority to cumulate votes unless a different distribution of votes is indicated by marking after the nominee’s name.
  • Proposal Two

  • Proposal Three

  • Proposal Four

This proxy, when properly executed, will be voted in the manner directed by the undersigned stockholder. If no specification is made, this proxy will be voted FOR the election of the six named nominees as directors and FOR Proposal 2 and 3, FOR EVERY THREE YEARS for Proposal 4, and at the discretion of the proxy on any other matter that may properly come before the meeting


If any other business is presented at the annual meeting, the proxies will vote your shares in accordance with the directors’ recommendations.  At the present time, the Board of Directors knows of no other business to be presented at the annual meeting.  This proxy card also confers discretionary authority on the Board of Directors to vote with respect to the election of any person as director where the nominees are unable to serve or for good cause will not serve and on matters incident to the conduct of the annual meeting.