A Professional Stock Transfer Company

Located in Beautiful North Idaho


Columbia Stock Transfer Company is a family-owned agent with over 30 years of continuous service. We have a total commitment to the stock transfer business and provide personal attention to every need. Our consistent reliability, accuracy and quick, efficient turnaround time is our greatest asset. We have sophisticated report-generating capability that can be customized to meet individualized needs. We provide absolute accuracy, and a fee structure that is extremely competitive. Our transfer agency has only one focus: personalized service to fit your specific needs.


Corporate Services

Stock Transfer Services

Columbia Stock Transfer Company’s services include receipt of stock certificates presented for transfer, review of endorsements, check signature guarantees, cancellation of the old certificates and issuance of new certificates as instructed.


Transfer Procedures

All transfer transactions are logged, audited for completeness and compliance, and processed according to SEC Rules and Regulations. Shareholder records are updated immediately through Columbia’s software system.


Legal Services

Examine and review the required documents for “Rule 144” transactions, obtain Company approval of these transactions before new certificates are issued.


Warrant Services

Warrant certificates are handled in the same careful and precise manner as Common Share certificates.During the “exercise” period, we are prepared to receive the properly executed Warrant certificates for exchange to Common share certificates.

Mailing Services

You know that frequent communication with your shareholders and the brokerage community is vital to maintain confidence in your company. Columbia Stock Transfer Company can be that critical link to your shareholders and the brokers.

Printing Services

We will be happy to arrange for the printing of all shareholder communications.We print stock certificates in our own office and will assist you with the ordering of your stock certificates.Want a custom certificate? We can arrange to add custom logos or colorful fonts to your certificates.